Upcoming Auditions

Join us for these upcoming auditions at the Sioux City Community Theatre. Auditions are open to the public, and anyone can try out. Auditions usually run two nights and require participants to read a passage from a script by themselves or with another actor, and sing if they are trying out for a musical.

Before you come to the audition, please fill out an Audition Form.

Upcoming Auditions:

HONK! (Sept. 14 – 30, 2018)

Auditions: Monday, July 30 at 6:30 PM and Tuesday, July 30 at 6:30 PM
Location: Sioux City Community Theatre, 1401 Riverside Boulevard in Sioux City
Performance Dates: 10 performances; Sept. 14 – 30, 2018.
Director: Wayne Blum

Director Eric Sorensen will be holding auditions for SCCT’s production of HONK! on Monday, July 30 at 6:30 PM and Tuesday, July 31 at 6:30 PM.


Ugly looks quite a bit different from his darling duckling brothers and sisters. The other animals on the farm are quick to notice and point this out, despite his mother’s protective flapping. Feeling rather foul about himself, the little fowl finds himself on an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry Cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out that being different is not a bad thing to be.

Please arrive early to fill out the audition form (be sure to bring a list of all conflicts). Everyone auditioning will be asked to sing 16-32 bars of a prepared song and read aloud from the script. Please bring your own accompaniment – a CD/MP3 player will be provided.


Friday, Sept. 14 – 7:30 PM
Saturday, Sept. 15 – 7:30 PM
Sunday, Sept. 16 – 2:00 PM

Friday, Sept. 21 – 7:30 PM
Saturday, Sept. 22 – 7:30 PM
Sunday, Sept. 23 – 2:00 PM

Thursday, Sept. 27 – 7:30 PM
Friday, Sept. 28 – 7:30 PM
Saturday, Sept. 29 – 7:30 PM
Sunday, Sept. 30 – 2:00 PM


Please note that the ages listed just serve as a guide. All roles are available and casting is open to both children and adults. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to audition.

UGLY (Tenor/Baritone [Low Bb2 – High G#4], 15-25): Our story’s youthful protagonist. Gawky and odd-looking, he is shunned for his odd appearance. Possesses a heart of gold.

CAT (Baritone [Low C3 – High Bb4], 20-35): Our story’s antagonist. Sly and cunning, he is a very hungry cat who preys on his next meal.

DRAKE (Baritone [Low A2 – High G4], 30-50): Ugly’s father who detests his son.

GREYLAG (Baritone [Low A2 – High G4], 40-60): A goose and the Admiral of the squadron charged with Ugly’s safe return. He is Dot’s husband.

TURKEY (Baritone [Low A2 – High F#4], 40-60): The School Headmaster who is self-basting, self-boasted prime specimen. Deathly afraid of Thanksgiving.

BULLFROG (Baritone [Low A2 – High F#4], 20-50): A laidback, self-confident frog who is encouraging, light-hearted, and optimistic.

FATHER SWAN (Baritone [Low A2 – High F#4], 35-55): Penny’s loving, protective, and caring father.

IDA (Alto [Low F3 – High F5], 30-45): Ugly’s loving mother and the only person who is supportive of the outcast child.

GRACE (Alto [Low G3 – High Gb5], 20-40): Most distinguished duck on the lake and the school governor. Proud, honest, and genuine.

DOT (Mezzo-Soprano [Low A3 – High Gb5], 30-50): Greylag’s composed, respectful wife.

LOWBUTT (Mezzo-Soprano, 16-25): Indoor chicken, highbrow and cultured. Best friend to Queenie.

MAUREEN (Alto, 30-45): Best friend of Ida.

QUEENIE (Mezzo-Soprano [Low G#3 – High F5], 16-25): Very domesticated, humorous, snobby cat who lives the “high life.”

MOTHER SWAN (Mezzo-Soprano [Low G#3 – High F5], 35-45): Tender, compassionate, loving, and caring. Mother to Penny.

HENRIETTA (Mezzo-Soprano [Low C4 – High F5], 30-50): A friend of Maureen and Ida’s, she is somewhat of a busybody.

PENNY (Mezzo-Soprano [Low C4 to High F5], 16-25): A beautiful Swan that is kind, compassionate, and caring. Ugly’s unlikely love interest and friend.

ENSEMBLE: Ducklings; Fish; Froglets; Greylag’s Flock; Goose Squadron. Various genders, ages, and voice types.

If you are interested in getting involved with the show but do not want to appear onstage, there are many areas in which you can help, including backstage, technical work, costuming, and set construction.

For more information, please contact the theater at (712) 233-2788 or email the director, Eric Sorensen, at eric7red@yahoo.com.

See you at auditions!


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