Cast announcement for
“No Time for Death”
An interactive dinner theatre show on the SCCT Mezzanine.

Director – Kim Cotter
Assistant Director – Madison Zeller
Head Waiter – Charlie Rhue

Shirley Maxwell – Lisa Cooper
Jonas White – Benji Cotter
Nathan Brandmark – Garie Lewis
Maxine Brandmark – Samantha Milbrodt
Nick VanCastle – Adam Vega

In addition to those listed above, we would like to have a male understudy, just in case. If you are interested, please contact Kim at 712-389-4773.

We will also be soliciting bar staff, as well as volunteers to greet and serve dinner to those in attendance. We would like to make this a semi-formal occasion, as the play’s setting is a board member/investor/press event at which a fantastic new invention is to be unveiled.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact:
Kim at 712-389-4773 or
Keith at