James and the Giant Peach Jr.


(Please make sure to read notes at bottom)

Ladahlord:  Charles Rhue

James:  Erik Nordstrom

Ladybug:  Erin Henn

Grasshopper:  Matthew Pauling

Spider:  Asia Keane

Earthworm:  Austin Hand

Centipede:  Pierce Nichols

Spiker: Holland Larned

Sponge:  Faith Taylor

Mr. Trotter: Reid Jansen

Mrs. Trotter: Mia Japel

Karl Kreatour: Jackson Harsma

Zoo Crowd: To Be Assigned

Matron Nurse:  Kaitlyn George

Billy Bobby-Cop: Nathan Nordstrom

Bobby Bobby-Cop: Kaleb Carda

Vagrants: Ella Ruhrer-Johnson, Rachel Fustos, Naomi Fustos, Alexander Adams, Reid Jansen, Jackson Harsma, Tom Uhl

Ida Walters: Meddie Nordstrom

Bitsy Botana: Lexi Squier

Doreen Driggles: Grace Nichols

Violet Funkschmeller: Mia Japel

Ridgley Rapscallion: Matthew Griesel

Chris Cryermouth: Luke Griesel

Buzz: Sean Coyle

Jake: Tyler Tolvanen

Joe: Gabe Tolvanen

Lucille Van Kooglestein: Ellie Bush

Bunny Mackenzie the Third: Alison Bittinger

Garden Chorus: Abigail Cvrk, Lucy Anderson, Sara Wetrich, Emily Curran, Addalai Burback, Isabella Kimbell, Emma Vega, Elyse Vega, Madison Glover, Trinity Claussen

Reporters: Jack Schoenfelder, Nathan Schoenfelder, Jack Petty, Cobin Bliss

Ladies’ Garden Guild: Annie Ruhrer-Johnson, Natalie Rasmussen, Savannah Brasch, Samantha Burke, Sydnee Hopkins, Harley Gonzalez, Kendall Puetz

Hollywood Agents:  Isaiah Johnson, Tyler Tolvanen, Gabe Tolvanen, Kaleb Carda, Nathan Nordstrom

Farm Animals: Adalyn Johnson, Lily Hodgins, Carrissa Haines, Lilly Henn

Willy Wonka: Isaiah Johnson

Oompa Loompas: Kaleb Kimbell, Burton Anderson, Kaden Carda, Dayton Eyer

Angry Crowd: To Be Assigned

Cruise Ensemble: To Be Assigned

Sharks: To Be Assigned

Seagulls: To Be Assigned

New Yorkers: To Be Assigned

Screaming Women: To Be Assigned

Technical Crew: Jesse Henn, Thomas Vega


To help cover the cost of scripts, royalties, costumes, props, and set, the each cast member must pay $20 and/or parents volunteer a significant amount of time to support the show. Director will put out the call and sign up schedule sheets for volunteers to support specific show efforts.

All cast members are required to submit a volunteer form completed by their parents. The volunteer form will be used to identify support for this show and long-term support for the Sioux City Community Theatre.

Please let director, Benji Cotter, know if you will be accepting or declining your role. You can reach him at yt@scctheatre.org