Director Benjamin Mauritz is pleased to announce the cast for Monty Python’s SPAMALOT!

King Arthur – Wayne Blum
Lady of the Lake – Kathy Banta
Patsy – Cody Juffer
Sir Robin – Travis Metzger
Sir Lancelot – TBA
Sir Bedevere/Black Knight – Ben Nesselhuf
Sir Galahad/Concorde – Jacob Bushby
Historian – Dave Dziurawiec
Not Dead Fred/Lead Minstrel – Tanner Summerville
Mayor/French Taunter – Martin Dalcourt
Dennis’ Mother – Ashley Peck
Knight of Ni – Emily Domayer
Brother Maynard – Adam Vega
Voice of God – Eric Idle

Ensemble: Allison Linafelter, Faith Taylor, Ashley Peck, Anna Dake, Megan McCann, Emily Domayer, Martin Dalcourt, Dave Dziurawiec, Truman Osborn, Tanner Summerville, Zachary Crawford, Jacob Broermann, Adam Vega

The following roles have not been announced yet but will be filled by members of the ensemble: Herbert’s Father, Swamp Castle Guards, Tim the Enchanter, Sir Bors, Sentries, Prince Herbert

Please contact Benjamin Mauritz with any questions at

Thank you to everyone for auditioning!